B.Com 1st, 2nd 3rd Year Notes & Book For all Semesters Download Free PDF

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B.Com 1st Year

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Business Economics ( व्यावसायिक अर्थशास्त्र )NotesNotesClick
Business Communication (व्यावसायिक सम्प्रेषण)NotesNotesClick
Business Environment (व्यावसायिक वातावरण)NotesNotesClick
Business Regulatory Framework
(व्यावसायिक नियामक ढाँचा)
Business Statistics ( व्यावसायिक आंकड़े )NotesNotesClick
Financial Accounting (वित्तीय लेखांकन)NotesNotesClick

B.Com 2nd Year

Public Finance (लोक वित्त)NotesNotesClick
Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship
(उद्यमिता के मूल सिद्धांत )
Cost Accounting (लागत लेखांकन)NotesNotesClick
Income tax (आयकर)NotesNotesClick
Corporate law (कॉर्पोरेट नियम)NotesNotesClick
Principal of management (प्रबंधन के प्रमुख)NotesNotesClick

B.Com 3rd Year

Corporate Accounting (निगमित लेखांकन)NotesNotesClick
Auditing (लेखा परीक्षा)NotesNotesClick
Money and financial System
(धन और वित्तीय प्रणाली)
Information Technology and its Application in Business.
(सूचना प्रौद्योगिकी और व्यापार में इसके अनुप्रयोग)
Financial Management (वित्तीय प्रबंधन)NotesNotesClick
Principle of Marketing (विपणन का सिद्धांत)NotesNotesClick Honours

B.Com 1st Semester

Financial AccountingNotesNotes
Principal of ManagementNotesNotes
Business EnvironmentNotesNotes
Business MathNotesNotes

B.Com 2nd Semester

Business OrganizationNotesNotes
Advance Financial AccountingNotesNotes
Business EntrepreneurshipNotesNotes
Business StatisticsNotesNotes

B.Com 3rd Semester

Business Regulatory FrameworkNotesNotes
Business EconomicsNotesNotes
Business CommunicationNotesNotes
Comprehensive Viva-CoveNotesNotes

B.Com 4th Semester

Insurance And Risk ManagementNotesNotes
Income tex law and AccountNotesNotes
Company lawNotesNotes
Human resources managementNotesNotes

B.Com 5th Semester

Company accountNotesNotes
Economics lawsNotesNotes
Financial managementNotesNotes

B.Com 6th Semester

GST (Goods and Service Tax)NotesNotes
Elective CourseNotesNotes
Project based Viva-VoiceNotesNotes

B.Com General

All Subject Question Paper English To Hindi PDF

In this Report, we provide complete particulars of 1st-2nd 3rd Year old syllabus and also 1st year subjects along with 1st year Books from PDF These 1st year books for can be used by the students for preparing for their semester exam and also understand the topics in a better manner.

SubjectHindi (PDF)English (PDF)
Business EconomicsClick HereClick Here
Business CommunicationClick HereClick Here
Business EnvironmentClick HereClick Here
Business Regulatory FrameworkClick HereClick Here
Business StatisticsClick HereClick Here
Financial AccountingClick HereClick Here
Public FinanceClick HereClick Here
Fundamentals of EntrepreneurshipClick HereClick Here
Cost AccountingClick HereClick Here
Income taxClick HereClick Here
Corporate lawClick HereClick Here
Principal of managementClick HereClick Here
Corporate AccountingClick HereClick Here
AuditingClick HereClick Here
Money and financial SystemClick HereClick Here
Information Technology and its Application in Business.Click HereClick Here
Financial ManagementClick HereClick Here
Principle of MarketingClick HereClick Here

B.Com 1st 2nd 3rd Year Notes Books English To Hindi Download Free PDF