B.Com 1st Year Business Environment Examination Question Papers 2015

B.Com 1st Year Business Environment Examination Question Papers 2015 Section Wise Short Question Answers papers B.Com 1st year Business Environment Previous Year Question Papers you can find full detail of 2015 examination papers belong to Business Environment.


(Short Answer Questions)

This Section contains one question of ten parts requiring short answers. Each part carries 4 marks. 4x 10 = 40 1.

(i) Explain the relationship between business and environment.

(ii) Suggest three measures to raise national income in India.

(iii) Discuss three main weaknesses of industrial development in India.

(vi ) What do you mean by social injustice ?

  • Explain three main external causes of industrial sickness.
  • What are the main functions of World Bank ?

(ix) What do you mean by deficit financing ?

  • What do you mean by devaluation ?

B.Com 1st Year Business Environment Examination Question  Papers 2015

Section-B, C, D & E

(Descriptive Answer Questions)

Each Section contains two questions. Attempt one question from each Section. Each question carries 15 marks. Answer must be descriptive. 15 x 4 = 60


2. What do you mean by internal and external environment of business? Explain main characteristics of business environment.


3. What are the trends in the industrialization of India ? Critically evaluate the present status of industrialization in India.


4. What do you mean by inflation ? Discuss its causes. How can it be controlled ?


5. Explain different types of unemployment in India. Give your suggestions to solve unemployment problem in India.


6. “Tax evasion is largely responsible for the growth of black money in India.” Explain this statement and suggest suitable measures to check black money,


7. Give the various obstacles in the path of privatization in India. Suggest measures to remove these obstacles.


8. Why was International Monetary Fund established ? How far has it succeeded in achieving its objectives?


9. What is meant by World Trade Organization ? Why was it established? How will you justify its membership for India ?

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