BCom 1st Year Dispersion And Skewness Long Notes

BCom 1st Year Dispersion And Skewness Long Notes :- BCom 1st Year Statistical Averaage Long Notes :- In this post You will Find B.com Notes Study material Unit Wise Chapter Wise Topic Wise division of the content. This Post is very useful for all the Student B.A., B.Sc., B.Com., M.A., M.Com.

Q. 1 Discuse objects and importance of dispersion. What are the characteristics for a satisfactory measure of dispersion ?


What do you mean by dispersion? How is it measured? Distingulsh clearly between dispersion and skewness.

Ans. Dispersion:  Dispersion literally means scatteredness. It is the spread or scatter of values from a measure of central tendency. It is studied to have an idea of the homogeneity or heterogeneity of the frequency distribution.

Objects and Importance of Dispersion

Measures of dispersion are computed to serve the following objectives :

1. To judge the Reliability of the Average :  by measure of dispersion, we can judge the reliability if dispersion in a series is small it means average represents the distribution in a proper way. On the other hand, If dispersion is large, we say that average is not representing the distribution in a proper way.

2. To Know the Range of values: Calculation of dispersion is necessary to know the difference between the highest and the lowest values.

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